Introducing the No Valve Prototype repliques Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller 

replique rolex has been teasing the launch of this special No Valve Prototype Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller for a while now on its website, and officially unveiled the watch at a special event with highly acclaimed film-director James Cameron on Monday.
What makes this piece even more appealing nevertheless, is that it will be auctioned – along with a number of other exceptional watches – on the 21st of May by Swedish auction house Kaplans Auktioner.
Deep Sea Discoveries
This was the first time such an expedition had been successfully attempted and not surprisingly Cameron was keen to share with the world what he saw. As such he filmed the entire experience and will be releasing the Deepsea Challenge 3D movie in the coming days, hence the timing of the announcement of the No Valve Prototype repliques Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller.
It is estimated that only about 30 of these prototypes were produced and unlike later models, these have a thinner case and lack the classic engraving on the back case. For that reason they were distributed to professional deep sea divers to be used on diving expeditions. The most notable difference nevertheless is the fact that it does not feature a helium escape valve. This is particularly significant due to that the purpose of these prototypes were for them to be tested in real life diving situations. To be fair the Sea Dweller Challenger Expedition was a pretty big deal, at least from a scientific point of view and represented yet another example of man triumphing over the limitations nature has imposed on him.

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Now any of you who are at all familiar with dive watches will be aware that prior to the addition of helium escape valves the glass on the watch, the weakest point of the construction, had a tendency to come loose due to decompression. The other change which has really got some fans of the brand riled up is the decision to make the ‘DEEPSEA’ lettering on the dial a yellowy-green color, similar to that of the submersible Cameron piloted. It certainly stands out a lot more on the dial but I’m not sure if that is a good thing to be honest. Such was the case with a number of these prototypes and as a result most of them were sent back to replique de montre Rolex.
Fortunately a solution to the decompression issue had been found and Rolex had already incorporated it another one of their famous models, the special Submariners delivered to the COMEX (Ref no. 5513 and 5514). The company therefore decided to apply for a patent for a new Sea-Dweller which will feature a helium escape valve and the rest, as they say, is history.